How Payouts at Online Casinos Work

Online casinos offer amazing opportunities for any registered real money player to generate payouts and enjoy the thrills of gambling. One of the great things about playing at an online casino is that players can choose games based on payout percentages, information they are seldom privy to when playing at land casinos. By understanding how game and casino payouts work, players can have better chances at winning by choosing games that are proven to offer higher and more frequent payouts. Since all players online have the goal of winning from bets that are placed, it is important, especially for new players, to know how payout percentages work and how games offer cash rewards.

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What are Payout Percentages?

Payout percentages play an important role when players are selecting game titles to enjoy online. While there are a number of casual players that access online casinos, most will be looking to generate profits from bets that are placed. Online casinos offer payout rates on every game that is supported when an audit is performed. Not every casino will audit games and software, so players should only choose sites that do offer this information so they can have better chances to win.

A payout percentage will tell players how much is awarded for every $100 that is wagered on the game. For example, a game with a 95% payout rate will offer $95 in return for every $100 that is bet. This is not a guarantee that any player that bets $100 will win $95 back. The percentages are determined over a period of time, so while they can indicate the possibility of wining, they do not provide players with any guarantee.

How Payout Rates are Determined

Payout rates and percentages are de3temrined by an independent audit and testing of a game. The aspects include the possible winning combinations a game has to offer and the payout that is presented. For example, a slot game may have 1000 combinations with only one that will pay 950 coins. Another slot can have 1000 combinations with 950 winning opportunities, paying a single coin each. Both of these have a payout rate of 95%, but the second option offers more chances at winning, even though the payout will be a smaller amount.

The actual payout percentage is determined over a long period of play. During testing, thousands, even millions of playing sessions can be used to determine the final payout percentage. This is why it is impossible for players to know when any game will offer payouts despite knowing the percentage. To benefit from the maximum payout percentage, players may have to play millions of spins or hands at the casino.

Players should know that the payout rate has nothing to do with the Random Number Generator that is used with online games. This is solely used to make sure fair chances are offered and that the results of that game will always be random. It is a common misconception that land and online casinos can alter payout percentages. This is controlled by the government and there is a minimum payout percentage that each and every casino must adhere to.

Finding the Best Payouts

Obviously, the games that list the highest payout percentages can offer more opportunities for real money players. When playing slot games, it is best to choose games that have a 96% return or better. With progressive jackpots, players will notice the payout percentages are much lower and these games have lower overall payouts but come at a higher cost.

In regards to table and card games, most games post the house edge instead of the payout percentage. The house edge is the exact opposite, so if a game has a 97% payout rate, the house edge would be 3%. When searching for these types of games, always choose those with the lowest house edge and avoid games that feature side bets or progressive jackpots.