How to Make Complaints About Online Casinos

There may come a time when a player has a negative experience at an online casino. The best sites in the industry will take all steps to try to prevent this from happening, but it can occur. If this does happen, it is important for players to know how to file a complaint. This is often the case with newly established casinos that do not have a positive reputation. The casino may refuse payouts, players may not receive earned winnings or other issues can arise in regards to player privacy and security. In any of these cases, players need to know how to address these issues and get them resolved. Filing a complaint is not overly difficult though in some cases, it can take a decent amount of time to resolve. This is especially true if playing at a casino that is new to the industry or is already known to be a rogue site.

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One of the first things for players to do is try to resolve the issue within the casino itself. This is done by contacting the customer support team. The trained professional agents will try to work out a solution to the problem. If they are unable to do so and keep the player satisfied, the complaint may be escalated to another level of the casino management. It is best to start with the support team as it is possible they will be able to resolve issues that may occur. However, this is not always the case and there are some online casinos that have unresponsive customer support services. In these cases, the complaints must be taken elsewhere by the player.

Contact Gambling Authorities

Online casinos that are operating legally will be required to be licensed and regulated by a jurisdiction. This is the authority that oversees the operation of the casino and makes sure it abides to gambling laws and gaming restrictions. These authorities issue the licenses for a casino, so when there is a serious issue, a complaint can be filed.

The governing body will have a site that will provide players with information on legitimate complaints. Players will need to make sure they have a legit complaint and will then learn how to file that formal complaint. The website will offer a complaint form or this can be requested by directly contacting the office. It is also possible to get a complaint form from a lawyer. The form will ask for some general information and will also ask for specific pertaining to the complaint. Players should provide as much information as possible, including dates and times as well as names or any other relevant information to the complaint. The form will then be submitted to the authority and will be reviewed and addressed.

Sites and Forums

There are a number of reputable sites and forums that recommend a large array of online casinos. These sites tell players the sites are safe and secure and offer legal gambling. If a problem is ever encountered, a complaint may be filed directly with these sites. One is the POGG, where a special group of professionals will handle the complaint and help players with their cases when the casino is in the wrong.

Another site that will help players resolve complaints is AskGamblers. Here, players can get information on the most trusted casino sites and can receive help if they ever encounter issues that have a negative effect on the gambling experience.

Complaints and eCOGRA

eCOGRA is another great option when it comes to settling disputes. Many players reign form the UK and there are tons of regulated casinos operating in that location. Most of these are overseen by eCOGRA. This independent agency offers a service to UK players to help resolve ant issues that are not addressed by a gambling site at is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. With the offering of the Alternative Dispute Resolution service, eCOGRA offers an impartial mediator to help resolve any issues.