US Casino Deposit Options

One of the main issues that is faced by US players is the ability to make a deposit to a casino account. The recent legislation prohibit certain transactions from being competed at off shore sites, limiting players in regards to which methods can be used to conduct deposits to a casino account. When playing at a US based online casino, these restrictions are not in place, so players will often have a wide array of choices when they gamble at these sites. However, the majority of US based players are forced to access off shore sites, which is why depositing can be a major hassle that affects players. There are some trusted methods that can be used, but unfortunately, a number of these online support casino deposits and will not allow for a withdrawal to be conducted.

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Credit or Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards are the easiest ways for players to deposit to an online casino account, but for those from the US, this is not always an option. When playing at an off shore site, players will not have the ability to use any major credit or debit card. This is due to the passing of UIGEA, which restricts banks from processing any transaction to an online casino off shore. This means that is US players are gambling at a foreign online casino, they will not be able to use these methods.

If players are playing at a casino site that is operating in the US, they will have the ability to use their credit cards. The UIGEA is not in effect at these US based casinos, so residents of Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware will be able to conduct fast and secure deposits using a major credit card or a bank issued debit card.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are the top choices for US players. With these, there is no connection to any US bank and these cards can be purchased at retail locations. There are a number of benefits to using a prepaid card for online gambling. First, they can be used at any off shore site for instant deposits. Second, they allow the player to remain anonymous because no financial or personal information is exchanged when the card is redeemed.

Prepaid cards can be used at off shore casinos as well as those that are located in the United States. They are easy to use and can be purchased for specific amounts. Players will simply select the prepaid card at the casino cashier and redeem the voucher code. They can then make an instant deposit. These cards cannot be reloaded, so once the balance has been depleted, players will have to purchase another card to continue making deposits at their chosen casino site.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are a convenient option for players who are accessing a US based online casino. To use this method, players will supply the online casino with the bank account information and a direct transfer will be made from the ban account to the casino account. This is a fast and simple method that offers great security. Unfortunately, it cannot be used when playing at any off shore casino account due to the restrictions set forth by UIGEA.

Checks and Ewallets

Both of these methods can also be used at US based casinos, but they are not an option when gambling at off shore sites. Using an echeck is just like writing a check to the casino, but it is done electronically. Players will have to provide sensitive banking information when using this method, so it may not appeal to those that have concerns about security.

Ewallet services used to be available to players for off shore and US based gambling. However, most ewallet services no longer accept US players and those that do, like PayPal, will restrict any transaction to an off shore site. However, PayPal can be used at US based casinos, offering a trusted way for players to easily manage their casino accounts.

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