US Gambling Law

For a number of years, online gambling has been a topic of great debate in the United States. There may not be any federal laws that prohibit players from gaining access to online betting sites, but there are restrictions that are in place that can make it difficult for players to engage in real money gambling. Here, we examine the current laws that are in place in the US and how these can have an impact on where players play as well as how they are able to manage their real money accounts at casino sites. With some legal restrictions, the choices in regards to sites are a bit limited, but there are many legal opportunities for players to engage in real money gambling online. After learning about these restrictions and options, players can select from many well established and trusted sites to begin their gambling sessions online and have the chance to win great payouts.

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Past Gambling Restrictions

The United States has been pretty slow in responding to the popularity of online gambling. In the mid 1990s, online casinos started to emerge, offering players a way to engage in real money casino games from the comforts of home. When this happened, there were no legal parameters set forth by the US government nor were there any guidelines on any gambling site that was offering services to US players.

In 2006, things changed when the UIGEA was signed, making it illegal for any banking institution to allow any customer to conduct a transaction at a gambling site being operated off shore. Prior to that time, players could freely gamble online and use a credit or debit card. In 2006, when these transactions were blocked, US players had a very hard time making payments to casino sites.

Even though the new laws made it difficult to gamble online. Players were able to find alternative methods to conduct transactions and continued to play at of shore sites with no legal restrictions.

Individual State Laws

In 2013, the United States government allowed individual starts to determine whether they would offer legal online gambling to residents. There are currently three states that offer these services, including Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. In order to gain access to any real money games, players have to be physically located within these states and must play at a licensed online casino in that state.

The legalization of online gambling has been successful in these states and many others are considering taking action to allow legal online casinos to operate. Until that happens, players from the remaining US states have no choice by to play at off shore casino sites if they wish to engage in online gambling activities. There are no legal ramifications or fines that will be incurred, but players still have to contend with the UIGEA restrictions and will have to find trusted methods to conduct deposits and withdrawals.

Off Shore Gambling Options

Unless US players reside in, or pay a physical visit to the states of Nevada, New Jersey or Delaware, they will not be able to easily access online casino games for real money. However, there are still many well known and respected online casinos that are licensed and operating in other countries that will gladly accept US players. Many US players will turn to casinos that are licensed in Canada and will find a great host of options when its comes to software and game selections.

Playing at an off shore casino is not illegal, but players will have to contend with the payment restrictions. It can be difficult to find a way to manage a casino account. A number of players who make use of prepaid cards to make instant and anonymous deposits to an off shore site, but when it comes to how they can receive their winnings, the options are very limited. There are not many prepaid cards that will support withdrawals and players are also limited in regards to ewallet services. While gambling at off shore sites can be done, the hassle is getting payouts. This is why players are eagerly awaiting more states to start operating casinos in the US, opening the doors to many more opportunities to engage in safe and legal gambling actions online.